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AboutDr. John Gilderbloom

Dr. John I. "Hans" Gilderbloom is a Professor in the Graduate Planning, Public Administration, Public Health, and Urban Affairs program at the University of Louisville, where he also directs the highly lauded Center for Sustainable Urban Neighborhoods (SUN).

Dr. Gilderbloom is considered one of the most influential figures in urban affairs with an emphasis on sustainability, housing, health and transportation. His fingerprints are all over cities throughout the world.

Since 1976, he has been credited as a major player in getting passed and defending the enactment of tenant protections against unfair evictions and unreasonable rents in over 125 cities including Los Angeles, San Francisco, and over 100 New Jersey cities. His research on the housing and transportation needs of the disabled and elderly was instrumental provided a justification for Congress passing Americans Disability Act according to Planning Magazine.

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